Wilson Parking

Wilson Parking

The new Wilson Parking app lets customers streamline the process of finding, booking and managing parking.

Formed by digital product designer Kombu and built by Adapptor, the app combines the functionality of Wilson’s Book a Bay service and Wilson One memberships to create a powerful app that can do it all. Users are able to view promotions, search for the most convenient parking location, pre-book their bay, manage any changes that may arise and then book it all again with simplicity and ease.

Wilson Parking Montage

Built with React Native, the same cross-platform technology used to build Facebook, the development primarily used Typescript, a language that enables rapid iteration without sacrificing the safety and robustness of native languages such as Kotlin or Swift.


The APIs were built with Swagger Tools, and backend integration with booking and payment services were developed in conjunction with the talented teams at WilsonIT and ADVAM.