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Adapptor has almost a decade of ‘little-a’ agile planning experience. Our product managers will work alongside your business analysts, UX specialists and product owners to co-design the app and validate the ‘what’s possible’.

We’ll architect the app design, and where necessary the backend services and integrations, to ensure the solution is fit for purpose. We can recommend a proven technology stack if you’re agnostic, or take your team’s proficiencies into account.

Requirements are translated into 3-6 week sprints that deliver tangible value early and ongoing into development.

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Whether we’re building native iOS and Android apps or using frameworks such as React Native or Xamarin, our development team strives for best practice and code quality. Each project has a Technical Lead, overseen by the Technical Director, and all commits are validated via peer review.

We’ve built dozens of apps over the years, and have a vast array of experiences with apps that are a core part of an organisations business. There are many lessons learnt through each product that we’ve helped build, and that learning comes with us to every new development project.

We can also join your team on-site, helping to foster a product culture, and transfer valuable knowledge to your people in the process.



We’re just as comfortable on the server side. Apps are not islands and need to integrate with existing systems or new services.

Whether it’s authenticating with Cognito or Active Directory, deploying to AWS or Azure, going serverless with Lambda or Cloud Functions, or integrating with Salesforce or Dynamics, chances are we’ve faced the challenge and delivered a solution.

We've also helped many organisations build new services to support their applications, including highly secure medical databases, real-time data syncing, a push notification service for traffic incidents, and natural language processing to provide people with customised tourist recommendations.

We can work hand-in-hand with your team to help build these integration services, or when necessary build something in isolation to help propel a project forward.

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Quality Assurance

From e-commerce to logistics software, and ticketing to incident reporting, our apps are business critical. That’s why we involve the test team early—a better informed test team leads to smoother and swifter completion of acceptance testing. Adapptor can provide this service wholesale, including documenting test cases and assigning responsibilities, or collaborate with your internal test team.

We capture use cases that not only cover functional correctness but intangibles such as responsiveness. And when crunch time comes, critical aspects of the app are assigned go/no-go by final testing to help the management team decide to deploy to production.

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The gap between a built app and its acceptance into a Store can be surprisingly wide. Approval depends on a variety of factors including explanatory videos and images, build requirements and timing. Adapptor can manage store submissions, ensuring crucial requirements are met to avoid hold-ups.

The precise timing of the release can also be critical. Service availability, press announcements and live events, can all affect the best time to reveal your app, and experience plays a critical role in pre-empting problems. Adapptor have managed releases involving Government Ministers, television campaigns, and even the weather.

But for successful apps, a release is just the beginning.

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Keeping your app healthy requires vigilance. We keep abreast of security and feature updates that affect all levels of production software, from the iOS and Android platforms, to new vulnerabilities in server-side components, and changes to third-party services, such as Google Maps. All critical data is backed up on remote servers to ensure fast recovery in the event of datacenter or hardware failure, minimising downtime and data loss.

Every app is instrumented with crash reporting and extensive analytics. This enables us to monitor, triage and fix issues in testing and production environments. Regular uptime checks detect if a service is impacted from minute to minute, and alert our team before your users tell you.

The same analytics can tell another equally valuable story.

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Without analytics we’re blind to how your users really interact with your app. Big data is great if you’re a computer, but humans need insight.

With fine-grained instrumentation we can seen when their behaviour diverges from the original goals of the app design. The same data can lead to those Eureka moments that build success.

Analytics data also contains valuable information about your business performance. We’ll create powerful real-time dashboards to help you track key metrics. And the Adapptor product managers can help your product owner identify insights that inform the delivery roadmap.