Wesfarmers DecipherGo

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DecipherGO is the companion (iOS and Android) app to Decipher, a brand new agtech SaaS product from CSBP, (a member of the Wesfarmers Group).

DecipherGo Montage

The app lets farmers analyse biomass imagery specific to their farms and improve decision making as a result. The mobile app shares an exciting product roadmap with the web application with a range of new features planned for roll out in 2018/19.

DecipherGo Tablet

Written in Xamarin (to help the Decipher dev team support the application over the long term) the solution benefits from shared code between iOS and Android platforms, specifically the network and database layers.

Co-designed with the Decipher TeamHatchd Digital and NGIS the app uses some of the most advanced features of Google Maps API including tile overlays to display custom annotations and biomass data sourced from Google Earth Engine.

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