CBH Domestics

Domestics Feature

The new CBH Domestics app (iOS and Android) brings new levels of efficiency and automation to the CBH Domestics Out-turns process.

Combined with a brand new online booking system developed by the team at CBH, transport companies and growers can now book slots at select CBH sites for loading their trucks with commodities to fulfil domestic contracts statewide. The app works seamlessly with this booking system and gives greater control to the CBH operations teams who can optimise the site out-turns process. This results in more throughput per site, helping growers sell their product faster to buyers in WA.

CBH Domestics

The CBH Domestics app replaces a paper-based system and allows for truck drivers to complete their on-site activities quicker. The app is able to intelligently progress onsite activities by using geofencing and connecting to IoT sensors present at each functional location on-site. Furthermore, analytics is collected during site activities and fed back to logistics teams who can act on the data and optimise the CBH Domestics Out-turns workflows. 

Upon entering the site, the app will automatically connect to site wifi services without driver interaction, resulting in a reliable connection site-wide. The app also allows drivers to capture their own weights at a weighbridge, removing the need for an employee to be in the weighbridge hut, manually capturing weights and entering it into the system.

Photo of combine harvester that is harvesting wheat

The app was built primarily using React Native, however, in order to meet requirements and take full advantage of the iOS and Android operating systems, we created our own native modules for Bluetooth scanning, custom geofencing logic, PDF rendering and WiFi connectivity. Taking advantage of this new technology and using the “hybrid approach” for app development resulted in us delivering both an iOS and Android app to CBH with less development effort and increased consistency between platforms.

The app uses Firebase Cloud Messaging for push notifications and Sentry for crash reporting and performance metrics. The backend cloud API powering this app was built using Swagger tools, and backend integration with CBH Services was developed in conjunction with the talented team at Phobos.

CBH Domestics Truck