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Mix four parts American Honey with one part sweaty beat supremos ‘What So Not’. Take some of Host Sydney then add a good slug of Adapptor. Shake vigorously.

Play Packs iPhones

The PlayPacks App served up sixteen musical loops, produced by What So Not (at the time composed of Flume & Emoh Instead) for you to mix, record and share. Fresh beats were dropped into the app every week but scanning American Honey product let fans jump the queue. The best mixes, as decided by What So Not, were then featured over at

Mix up the way you play music. Simply scan, mix and share your track.

PlayPacks around the house

PlayPacks combined, product label scanning to unlock unique audio and animated content, multiple sample-accurate audio stream playback, custom built OpenGL midi-controller, web sharing back-end, and native code sharing between iOS and Android.

For more information, and far more technical detail, see “How We Built American Honey Playpacks” on our blog.

PlayPacks Kit