CBH Rover

Rover Feature

Designed to streamline the internal grain transportation process, Rover provides accurate, real time data to help improve grain delivery efficiency. The app is used by truck drivers and transportation companies who are loading grain from CBH’s receival points all over WA and delivering them to ports for export.

CBH Rover in truck

The app replaces a paper based system where drivers were required to complete details about their truck, contractor company and movement plan. Previously, these documents had to be manually re-entered into the CBH system by an operator in the weighbridge hut. Now it all happens via the Rover app, a driver simply has to create a new journey, enter their journey details and it will be automatically uploaded to the CBH backend systems.

Furthermore, the app allows truck drivers to capture weights from a weighbridge, removing the need for an employee to be in the weighbridge hut, manually capturing weights and entering it into the system.

Previously, once a truck was loaded and weighed, the driver would be given a paper manifest with a barcode. This now appears in the app, so a driver can simply drive off after capturing their gross weight.

CBH Rover in truck

The app streamlines the labour intensive process of ‘outloading’ grain from receival points, which results in significant cost savings and efficiencies for CBH.

We developed a native Android app optimised for phone and tablet, primarily using Kotlin. The app uses Google Firebase Cloud Messaging for notification services and Crashlytics for performance analytics. The APIs were built with Swagger Tools, and backend integration with CBH Services was developed in conjunction with the talented team at Phobos.