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Owned by approximately 4,200 West Australian grain growers, the CBH Group is Australia’s largest co-operative. Conducting the operations of grain storage, handling, transport, marketing and processing, the CBH Group is a leader in the Australian grain industry.

Developed with growers and transporters in mind, the CDF App provides truck load details in real time improving decision making at harvest.


We developed native iOS and Android apps that integrate with Saturn (CBH’s Site/Delivery Management System). We created a new backend to translate the Swagger API specification for use in J2ObjC, enabling us to share the client code between platforms.

The apps use Firebase Cloud Messaging to receive notifications and synchronise with the current state of the grain delivery. We also leveraged AWS Cognito authentication to manage user access and permissions as well as specific geofence data to assist with service analytics and deliver location based convenience features to truck drivers using the app.

CBH Site

Furthermore we developed a bespoke way to handle patchy network connectivity where access to networks would come in and out in the middle of a form being submitted.

CBH Driver