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Prompted by the end of Telstra’s 2G mobile network, Kleenheat needed to replace an ageing logictics system. Seeking a team that had experience in designing and building elegant mobile solutions, Kleenheat approached Hatchd and Adapptor to help reimagine an app for their drivers to integrate with existing internal systems. We worked with Kleenheat to rapidly build an app in time for the decommissioning of the old system. This enterprise app included:

  • integration with Kleenheat’s systems to manage real time delivery,
  • operated on an intrinsically safe device to work around hazardous material,
  • integration with in-cab printer and a tank flow meter,
  • and the ability to work offline for when the device is out of range of a mobile network.
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Grand Cinemas

When you want to see a movie, there’s nothing better than having your own concierge to find the best session, book you tickets, and usher you quickly past box office queues straight to your seat. So when Grand Cinemas approached us to build their next app, that’s exactly what we did. It’s like a box office in your pocket, including features like browsing movies, watching trailers, viewing sessions, selecting Gold Lounge seats, buying tickets, and avoiding queues. Other features include:

  • see movie sessions nearest you,
  • reminders when movies you’re interested in hit the theatre,
  • a Kids’ section to quickly find a movie for the family,
  • and sign in with your membership to receive first rate benefits.

Available from Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

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Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads wanted to revamp their old 131 940 service. Seeing the great work we’d done with the Western Australian Government, TMR approached Adapptor to lean on our skills.

Data pumped straight from TMR provides real-time state-wide information on road conditions, like incidents and hazards, closures and restrictions, roadworks and special events. The app also provides access to cameras that relay real-time traffic imagery. The best bits:

  • Personalised push notifications as things happen on commuters’ favourite routes and places.
  • Audio announcements when a driver wants to be alerted without needing to touch their phone.

App available now at Google Play and iTunes.

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Perth Airport

Travelling to and through an airport can be stressful. With this in mind, Perth Airport sought to partner with an agency to help build a world class mobile app to help people undertake that journey. The mobile app assists this goal by providing key information at the right time and place. It includes:

  • Arrival/Departure information
  • Flight Tracking
  • Travel Time and Incident Reporting for the drive to the airport
  • In-App Booking for Parking
  • Retail Offers
  • Weather Reports for flight destinations
  • Push Notifications for updates to flight details
  • Apple Watch functionality to make it quick and easy to see information on the go

Download it from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

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Transperth Assist

Transperth’s recently launched state of the art Busport came with a unique issue. The facility uses a Dynamic Stand Management System (DSMS) to automatically allocate bus stands on-the-fly. However, people with disabilities may not have been able to quickly determine the correct stand in time to catch a departing bus.

Transperth approached Adapptor and Hatchd to work with a range of stake-holders, including organisations representing disability organisations, to prototype and develop a mobile app that would meet mobile accessibility standards (WCAG 2.0 and other W3C/WAI guidelines).

The result is a simple mobile app (Android and iOS) that uses a phone’s accessibility features, like voice over to announce bus stand allocation, and integrates with the DSMS for real-time updates.

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Sphero BB-8 Hologram

Ever since Princess Leia made her desperate plea to Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Star Wars fan collective has wished they too could send messages in holographic form.

Brought to life by Rocket Comms and Adapptor, Sphero helped celebrate the Sydney launch of Star Wars The Force Awakens with a BB-8 Hologram Zone. Using a Kinect camera to detect participants, record their video and remove them from the background in real-time, the app uses custom GPU accelerated code to add effects in on the fly to create a virtual hologram. Several scenes are then merged together live to give people the experience of being in the scene with BB-8, having created their own personal message to aid the Resistance.

See more on the Disney XD GameFest YouTube video: Sphero BB-8 Hologram Zone

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HBF Fitness

HBF’s ‘Run for a Reason’ event is one of WA’s most popular fun runs, with tens of thousands of people walking and running for charity every year. HBF engaged us to create a service that would motivate and assist people with training for the event. We conceptualised and built an integrated solution that delivered personalised training programs and rewarded users with points. Point scores were converted to charity dollars, donated to the person’s chosen charity. This enabled app users to help others whilst helping themselves. Key features include:

  • Recommended training schedule based on fitness assessment.
  • Integration with popular wearable devices (fitbit, jawbone & runkeeper) to keep track of steps.
  • A scoring logic to reward participants for healthy activities completed and donate to charity.
  • Card based delivery of personalised health tips and notifications.
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Curtin Companion

Thousands of students come to Curtin University from outside Australia; a daunting process for young adults, especially for those who’ve never left their own country. Curtin saw an opportunity for a service aimed at helping these potential international students with their move. The pre-departure companion app provides access to a vast array of useful information and holds students’ hands through the entire migration process, from accepting their offer to being on-campus and getting the most out of O-Week.
Key features include:

  • A dynamic task tracker to help students prepare for the move down-under.
  • Marketing automation with personalised to-do items.
  • Integrated ATDW events feed for an always updated list of things-to-do.
  • A pre-application enquiry system to capture leads.


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HBF Fitness for Glass

HBF runs free fitness sessions for its members around WA. Its fitness instructors use an internal system to check schedules and check people in to the event. Managing checkins, being aware of people’s conditions, monitoring the session, helping people learn activities, and keeping everything running on time is a big task. So Adapptor helped HBF build a Google Glass app for an in-house trial allowing trainers to manage the process and provide a more personalised workout in a group fitness setting…hands-free. See the trial in action here.

Key features include:
· Integrated fitness schedule with intelligent stopwatch.
· Member checkin with code scanning.
· Integration with HBF’s Fitness system to check registrations and participant’s health conditions.
· Real-time weather information.

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Mirvac Land 2.5

Working in close consultation with Mirvac and our friends at Hatchd we’ve given the Mirvac Land app an extreme makeover. The refreshed app makes it even easier for homebuyers to discover the community that matches their lifestyle and location for their family near the facilities that matter most.

Key new features include:

  • Total UX overhaul with new IA.
  • Enhanced community maps with advanced lot ‘pinning and pricing’ functionality.
  • New ‘House & Land’ packages section with web based content management.
  • Photorealistic 3D models and a new 3D interface lets users ‘go close and go inside’ each home and view the homes in 3D Augmented Reality.

Download it now from iTunes.

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Steel Blue Boots

When your job can mean you could accidentally walk through toxic chemicals, encounter live electrical wires, or drop a sharp implement on your toes, you want to make sure you pick the right type of footwear. That’s why Steel Blue make sure they have new cutting edge products, technology and customer service.

Steel Blue enlisted Collaboraid and Adapptor to create an iPad app to make sure that choosing the right boot is as simple as answering a few questions. Available in select stores around the country, the iPad app presents 7 simple questions, and then recommends a couple of boots right for you. Alternatively you can browse through dozens of items using a simple cover-flow design, and drill down into the features when you find the right boot. Love what you see, you can then alert staff and try on a pair.

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iiNet Support

What does a hip, self proclaimed leading challenger in the telco market need the most? An awesomely hip support app of course (and maybe great products and service helps too)! When iiNet needed to revamp their support app, they enlisted Adapptor and Hatchd to help design and build it from scratch. With cool features like real-time graphs, call information, call centre wait time, and even a handy call-back feature that prompts iiNet to call you when their next operator is free. It’s now hip to be square.

Other features include:
· Daily and monthly graphs.
· Call lists.
· Scroll through past 5 invoices.
· View and update contact details.

You can download now from iTunes and Play.

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Mix four parts American Honey with one part sweaty beat supremos ‘What So Not’. Take some of Host Sydney then add a good slug of Adapptor. Shake vigorously.

The PlayPacks App serves up sixteen musical loops, produced by What So Not (good mates Flume & Emoh Instead) for you to mix, record and share. Fresh beats are dropped into the app every week but scanning American Honey product lets you jump the queue. The best mixes, as decided by What So Not, are featured over at

One of our greatest technical achievements yet; a custom built, perfectly synced, iddy-biddy midi controller carefully coaxed into a mobile app with mix, record and share functionality. Get it now from iTunes and Play. [Watch the video]

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Right Move Perth

It pays to know before you go. Right Move was designed to show the people of Perth what’s happening on the roads before they set off; accidents as they’re reported, planned roadworks, signal faults, school holidays, bad weather, sports events and even natural disasters. Built as an extensible platform, there are plans to include new data in the near future, because an app should always be a journey and not a destination. The best bits:

  • Playing matchmaker. We brought together data from MRWA, Transperth, Google and BoM into one useful app.
  • Reporting the ripple effect. We wrote gnarly code to estimate the ‘geometric impact’ of incidents.
  • Smart calendar stuff. For when you can’t be late for ‘that’ meeting but are oblivious to the roadworks you’re about to encounter.
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Swift Networks

Swift Networks provides a range of digital entertainment, communication and information services for resources and construction camps and villages. When they wanted to update their Digital Entertainment System to use Android for digital TV and movies, they approached Adapptor to help build the application. Swift’s Set Top Box now has a newly designed, and incredibly simple to use, interface all based on Android. It provides a host of channels, including television, movies, weather, and site information, and even a web browser and Android games. Key features include:

  • Built to work with Swift’s scalable entertainment system.
  • A simple interface made for TV.
  • Innovative use of Android to allow use of Web access and Android Apps.
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Department of Fisheries

The Department of Fisheries WA is responsible for conserving, developing and managing the fish and aquatic resources of WA, by managing and licensing commercial and recreational fishing. Traditionally commercial fishers manually complete complex forms each time they fish, which resulted in a variety of issues and errors. To streamline the process Adapptor worked with Birchman Group to develop an iPad and iPhone app, so a fisher could complete trip details on the go. Key features include:

  • Offline access for access even when at sea.
  • Auto-completing forms to help complete faster.
  • Integration with the Department’s Fish Eye server to submit trip details for central management.
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HBF Pocket Health

HBF Pocket Health is a native iOS and (soon to be released) Android application designed to record life’s health events in a simple to use ‘timeline’. Designed specifically for MyHBF members, the app employs a sophisticated and secure client/server architecture to ensure that a user’s account may be synchronised across devices, allowing family members to share their health records with each other. The app is incredibly versatile; it can be used by individuals or families to safely record a range of health events including:

  • Family medications, measurements, immunisations and vaccinations.
  • Scheduled appointments, check-ups, procedures, tests and vaccinations.
  • A repository of health related photos and scans to chart a family member’s recovery progress.


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Barbie Dream Closet App

In 1956 Ruth Handler invented the Barbie Doll. Little girls (and the occasional little boy) the world over have been playing dress ups with her creation ever since.

To engage a new generation of Australian Barbie lovers – and in conjunction with our friends at Gun – we developed ‘Barbie’s Dream Closet’, a digital installation that had little girls queuing up in Westfield malls. Using a custom made Kinect App developed in house at Adapptor, girls could select from a range of Barbie’s clothes and dress up in a ‘magic mirror’. Happy with their outfit, kids could strike a pose and print the resulting photo; proud mums could even share to Barbie’s Facebook.

Thousands of next-gen Barbie lovers have engaged enthusiastically with the app, additionally Barbie has received widespread media coverage including a feature by Channel 9’s Morning Show.

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Presenting Gryphon

Gryphon Minerals recently engaged our friends at Hatchd to manage the delivery of an enterprise iPad app. Being their favourite programmers, Hatchd asked us to build the highly visual app to be used one-on-one with brokers or connected to a large screen for use at conferences. Powered by our very own Terra Bella solution, the complete application boasts an impressive list of functionality, including:

  • True slippy-map functionality with geospatial drill results and shapefile data.
  • Dynamic financial performance charts.
  • A digital library of investor presentations, annual reports and company updates.
  • Location photos with dynamic transitions and auto-play mode.
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SmartClaim for HIF

HIF, a fast growing not-for-profit health fund, recently approached Adapptor with a mobile application idea. They wanted to offer members an innovative and convenient way of making ancillary claims via their smart-phones.

The rapid growth in smartphone adoption means that the majority of Australians now carry a camera on them 24/7. Using this insight we developed an application that allows members to fill in some details, photograph their receipts and submit the claim over the Internet. The “SmartClaim” solution includes a custom built, cloud based server application that verifies claims and passes them into HIF’s ancillary claims process. SmartClaim is free and available for both iPhone and Android devices.

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Experience WA for HOST

Working to HOST’s creative concept, functional scope and UI designs, Adapptor was recently engaged to develop a multi-platform mobile application architecture capable of supporting both iPhone and Android devices. The application brings together multiple data sources to provide access to more than 7,000 listings featuring places to see, explore, eat, drink and stay in Perth and around the State. It also uses active filtering technology to make intelligent suggestions to visitors based on an intelligent profile of the user’s preferences, current location and weather conditions. For more information check out the blog post for a video walkthrough.

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Switch the Future – Kinect App

303 asked us to develop a ‘physical effort detection’ application for Synergy’s ‘Switch the Future‘ campaign activation. The creative concept required us to develop an app that could use a Kinect camera to detect a user’s running movements and translate it to the speed at which a native Chuditch ran on its wheel. As the Chuditch began to run the user was shown images of common household devices they would be powering based on their current effort. At the end of a 30 second game each user received a score and an indication of what their total effort would have powered in their home. The application was built using OpenFrameworks, libFreenect, and a Kinect camera.

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Murdoch University ‘Course Finder’ App

Murdoch University asked us to port their web based ‘Course Finder’ tool to an Enterprise iPad application. Working with a planning team from hatchd, the app was scoped, wire-framed and built over an eight week period. Launched in time for the recent Open Day the app was used by a team of uni ‘Ambassadors’ to help prospective students find courses of interest. The application integrates with the University’s web CMS, hooks into their lead capture system yet remains fully functional whilst offline, only downloading course data and uploading new leads when an Internet connection becomes available.


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‘Kinecting’ with the brightest minds

The Brand Agency asked us to develop an Augmented Reality application for Curtin University’s ‘Make Tomorrow Better‘ roadshow. The Brand Agency’s creative concept required us to develop an application that could use an MS Kinect camera to detect a user’s head and replace it with a ‘Brightest Mind’ 3D light bulb. Users could see their ‘augmented self’ on a large LCD screen, make gestures to switch through different light bulbs, take a photo, print and share to the Curtin University’s facebook page. The application was built using OpenFrameworks, Freenect, an MS Kinect and a custom developed facebook app.

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