About Adapptor

About Adapptor

Adapptor is a mobile applications company based in Perth, Western Australia. We produce powerful apps for mobile devices and the ever growing ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT). From road traffic incident apps to IPTV systems and from home automation controllers to augmented reality experiences, we approach every project as a problem to solve not a solution to sell. Our team is a potent mix of digital die-hards and fresh-faced engineering exuberance. Equal parts strategy, planning and programming we deliver creative technology to some of Australia’s largest companies.  …

Marc Loveridge Black & White

Marc Loveridge / Founder

Richard Giles Black & White

Richard Giles / Planning Director & GM

Sarah Sproule Black & White

Sarah Sproule / Strategy Director (Melbourne)

Dan Venkitachalam Black & White

Dan Venkitachalam / Technical Director

Simon Manning Black & White

Simon Manning / Software Engineer

Simon Bradley Black & White

Simon Bradley / Software Engineer

Peter Riggs Black & White

Peter Riggs / Software Engineer

Justin Venkitachalam Black & White

Justin Venkitachalam / Software Engineer