Transperth’s recently launched state of the art Busport came with a unique issue. Similar to the systems you find at airports, the facility uses a Dynamic Stand Management System (DSMS) to automatically allocate bus stands on-the-fly to digital screens. However, people with visual impairments could potentially struggle to determine the correct stand.
Transperth Assist on an iPhone Testing the Transperth Assist app for usability with vision impaired commuters
Working with disability groups and our friends at Hatchd we co-designed and co-created iOS and Android mobile apps that use the phone’s native accessibility features, like voice-over to announce bus stand allocation and integrates with the DSMS for real-time updates.
Examples of the Transperth Assist app on iPhones
The native iOS and Android applications were developed to adapt to users’ custom accessibility settings, integrating with a DynamoDB NoSQL database and geofence driven notifications.
Transperth Perth City Busport