Prompted by the decommissioning of Telstra’s 2G network, Kleenheat needed to replace an ageing logistics system for their bulk gas delivery fleet. Co-designed with drivers, schedulers, software engineers and the UX team at Hatchd we delivered a fully integrated enterprise app into production in under 4 months.
Kleenheat Bulk Gas Delivery app on an Android tablet
We integrated with Kleenheat’s Oracle database, via a MuleSoft API, to manage real time job scheduling. Job data was delivered to an Android tablet app with the ability to work offline for when the device is out of range of a mobile network.
Examples of the Kleenheat Bulk Gas Delivery app on an Android tablets
Built to run on an intrinsically safe tablet (to work around hazardous materials) the application integrates with an in-cab printer and the the truck’s existing tank flow-meter via a custom Go app running on a Raspberry Pi machine located onboard the truck.
Kleenheat driver using the app