The Vat is where we conceive, brew and experiment. It was created to continuously challenge our planners and engineers to create our
own applications free from the usual constraints of campaign deadlines and budget.

Currently on Tap.

3D Once

Working with our friends at Glass Ridge, we have created a suite of sales apps for property marketers using a proprietary development methodology. Code named ‘3D Once‘, we take a single (and radically optimised) 3D model of an apartment and output as a tracked fly-through, iPad walkthrough, AR and VR experiences.

Using a combination of technologies including Unity 3D, Vuforia, VR1 and Google Cardboard we can deliver a low-cost, high value set of sales tools for prospective buyers to use at home, in the sales office or in a pop-up sales environment.

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Terra Bella

Designed to make your mining & exploration company look hot on an iPad, Terra Bella technology brings drilling maps to life and adds interactivity to financial data. A Terra Bella powered app also comes with a pre-built repository to store your investor presentations, company announcements and project photos.

As a busy mining exec, it is everything you need to present your company in one custom iPad App. Share a few iPads around the table at an investor presentation or plug in a projector and use as a unique presentation style, no more death by PowerPoint. Your app will also work offline so you can take it into the field where Internet connectivity is often unreliable.

Email us for more information or to arrange a demonstration:

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Similr is a unique graph visualisation platform developed especially for the iPhone and iPad. It powers top ranked applications like Discovr.

The Similr platform was built to display similar nodes in complex networks. Similar bands, similar books, similar anything really. The aim was simple, to make discovering things more enjoyable.

Similr was built by Jammbox but is available through Adapptor on an enterprise license.

Adapptor is currently working on a demonstration of the Similr platform powering an app for discovering interesting people to follow on Twitter.


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