Adapptor's agile brewing process.

  1. Taste (Market Analysis)

    We have an appetite for understanding the problems you face. Feeding this hunger is the first step in building a useful application that meets a real need. So we’ll be needing your marketing plans, customer insights and a view on your competitor landscape.

  2. Raw Materials (Requirements)

    We understand that an enterprise application needs to consider the ingredients you have in the cupboard before we define the solution. Your systems integration requirements, security protocols, data health and brand guidelines are all considered at this stage.

  3. Recipe (Architecture)

    Architecture is by its definition both an art and a science. It is here that we creatively design the construct of the solution. The recipe includes a technology architecture, the wireframes and the user experience design.

  4. Mill & Mash (Project Planning)

    What’s it going to take to build this thing? We map out the deliverables into tasks and iteration cycles and allocate the appropriate resources. At this point a rough estimate becomes a quote and milestones can be set.

  5. Brew/Ferment (Build)

    Before we go into the build, we take the opportunity to review the original architecture and, if necessary, make a few changes to the recipe. Then we’re straight into development with an aim to release early to an internal group, make course corrections and re-release. This process continues in parallel with prioritised iteration developments until we have a ‘client ready’ release.

  6. Bottle/Distribute (Deployment)

    Upon client sign-off we move to public release. This usually means submission to the appropriate app stores/market places for public distribution, however in the case of some enterprise apps, the release may be restricted to an internal group.