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Kinect for Windows Development

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People love technology, but now expect the experience to be wonderful. A large part of making the experience memorable is letting them interact with technology in natural ways, like using movement, gestures, and voice. The new Kinect for Windows technology provide ways to create new class of applications that use natural interactions, and offer us a way to help revolutionise brands, products, and processes in exciting new ways. Adapptor can develop a custom made Kinect for Windows application to match your requirements and wow your customers; whether you’re planning to show off your products, or provide a truly interactive experience to engage them.

We’ve already developed a range of applications that allow people to flip through a newspaper with the wave of an arm, fly around maps with simple gestures, and even allow little girls to try on their favourite Barbie outfit.

Barbie Dream Closet, devloped by Adapptor and Gun Communications for Mattel.

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Barbie™ in The Pink Shoes Kinect App

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Our latest collaboration with Gun Communications lets kids interact with Barbie® through Target’s shop windows. Working closely with Gun’s design team we created a custom XNA app for Microsoft Kinect® to create an interactive 3D storybook. The experience included a suite of gesture controlled mini-games including a Barbie® jigsaw puzzle, spin the ballerina and virtual painting game.

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