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Using Leap Motion to navigate digital maps in open spaces.

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It’s been exciting to track the buzz at SxSW for Leap Motion, probably the hottest NUI controller to hit the market since Kinect for Windows. As with Kinect, the potential of Leap Motion lies not in the hardware (which isn’t anything radical) but in the software and the potential for game changing gesture controlled applications.

Adapptor was lucky enough to be invited into Leap Motion’s Developer Program back in December 2012. Since then, and after a short wait for the hardware to arrive, we have spent some time familiarising ourselves with the SDK and racking our collective brains for useful applications of the technology.

As we collected these ideas we quickly identified that applications fell into one of three buckets: utility, education and play. Using just hand gestures to accurately control an interface opened up some exciting opportunities but, in our minds, any such use case must still present an improvement over the trusty mouse or touch screen.

It may be the mobile app blood pumping through our veins but this got us thinking about maps and more specifically way-finding in open spaces (think university campuses, shopping centres, theme parks and train stations).

As these types of destination migrate towards a digital signage strategy, how will they allow public interaction with their maps? Giant touch screens? Maybe but the hardware is currently cost prohibitive and requires users to be up close and personal with the screen, which in turn makes them at perfect vandal height and hard to make weather proof.

Enter Leap Motion, an $80 controller that works at distance from the screen it’s connected to, and claims millimeter level accuracy to make for a compelling user experience . The Kinect device struggles with this type of precision tracking┬áso we were interested to see how Leap Motion would fair when put to the task. The answer, as you can see from the prototype mapping app we created, is well, very well indeed.

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Sunky Wins an iCade

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A couple of weeks ago we decided to run an iCade competition of sorts. We put the word out that we had a wicked cool retro-gaming cabinet cleverly constructed for the iPad, and that anyone could win it by being smart and telling us why it should be their’s.

It didn’t take long for people to begin begging and pleading, and we had a vast array of reasons why we should part with our box of joy. When reality had sunk in that we had to give it away, we trawled through the submissions and decided upon our winner.

So, congratulations Simon Mateljan (@sunky) for crafting the best response, which you can read in all it’s heart tugging, tear jerking glory below.

All we can say is, “Rub it in your cousin’s noses Sunky!”

“Alright, I love my gaming. Had the usual introduction to home arcade gaming: Commodore 64, Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony etc

So while growing up I had these two cousins a few years older than me, David and Jennifer. I got a NES in 1988 … they had a freakin’ arcade and pinball machine in their house!

No matter how many gaming consoles we had over the years, they had a freakin’ arcade and pinball machine! Of course they’d remind us about this at family gatherings too, who wouldn’t want to have the upper hand over their cousins when it comes to bragging rights.

Anyway, if I ended up with this iCade I’d finally feel like I have the upper hand. Even though I haven’t seen them both in nearly 18 years, and I think they live overseas now … I’d feel like I’ve won. (Won what? Who knows?!) … I have an arcade machine (kinda) and they don’t (as far as I know). So this is an entry based purely on revenge and a grudge I’ve held for nearly 20 years … pretty sad huh?”

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Got iPad? Get iCade.

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The nerdier amongst you will have seen the iCade on ThinkGeek. We think it’s pretty awse and thanks to a crumbling US economy and our trusty friend Mr Visa, a couple of these ol’skool gaming machines found their way down under. Despite some of our devs crying at the thought, we’ve decided to give one of these little beauties away. We can’t be fagged buying your facebook likes or putting you through the twitter hash-tag-malarky, so just tell us why you should have it, cross your fingers and it could be yours. Over to you.

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