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Introducing “3D Once” – Save money and time by turning one 3D model into VR, AR & fly throughs

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AUSTRALIA, October 19, 2015: A new suite of property marketing apps delivers significant cost and production efficiencies for 3D modelling across virtual reality, augmented reality, fly throughs and print. 3D Once, the result of a six month co­labs project between Adapptor and Glass Ridge, uses a proprietary methodology where the same 3D model is rolled out across the four digital outputs, as well as a chronology to maximise developmental efficiencies. 3D Once saves time to market, whilst delivering incredibly immersive, world class marketing assets. Modelling has traditionally required a huge investment, followed by other similarly substantial investments to adapt the models for fly throughs, augmented reality apps, or virtual reality experiences. Each one of these outputs has required an individual approach and build, often from a different supplier. 3D Once is a best in class, end-­to-end solution for property marketers, allowing incremental savings with the creation of each new output, all of which are built by the same company. Combining advanced modelling techniques with Unity 3D, Vuforia image recognition, VR1 and Google Cardboard technologies, this suite of applications delivers a low­ cost, high value and truly interactive set of sales tools for prospective buyers to use at home, in the sales office or in a pop ­up sales environment. Enabling prospective buyers to visualise an off the plan apartment (or architect designed home), the virtual reality execution delivers a full ‘walk­around’ experience, complete with user aware, embedded signposts. These deliver key messages about the build, fittings and fixtures, decor options, or other pertinent purchase information. Augmented reality turns a static image into an exciting 3D experience, literally in thin air. Watch and walk through the space as it renders in real time. Turn your static brochures into interactive, engaging point of sale ­ for use in your sales office, or for interested parties to take home and explore. The staple fly­ through and print executions are also delivered as part of the 3D Once suite. “It’s time for property marketers to take full advantage of the creative technologies available to them. 3D Once combines technologies to provide an immersive and fun experience for prospective buyers, and one also very cost effective for marketers,” explained Marc Loveridge, Adapptor Managing Director.   For further information: Sarah Sproule sarah(@)adapptor.com.au Marc Loveridge marc(@)adapptor.com.au

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