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It’s that time again!

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Another year in the rear-view mirror and we’re once again looking for a new addition to our awesome tech team.

Does this sound like you?

  • Top notch programming skills. We’re after the best.
  • Problem solver. We don’t see problems as obstacles, we see them as opportunities to excel.
  • Positive attitude. There is no spoon.
  • Eager collaborator. Work with other talented individuals to make awesome things.
  • Eye for detail. Function and form, both need to be perfect.
  • Quick learner. New concepts don’t stay new for long.

This is what we do (the fine print). Bring your own knowledge or pick it up as you go.

  • iOS application development (native ObjC)
  • Android application development (Java)
  • A smattering of web application development (Python, Linux)
  • Hard-to-pigeonhole applications (XNA, OpenGL, Unity, Kinect)
  • Many other things we haven’t thought of yet

Interested parties may send an email (held in the strictest confidence) to hello@adapptor.com.au.

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