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Got iPad? Get iCade.

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The nerdier amongst you will have seen the iCade on ThinkGeek. We think it’s pretty awse and thanks to a crumbling US economy and our trusty friend Mr Visa, a couple of these ol’skool gaming machines found their way down under. Despite some of our devs crying at the thought, we’ve decided to give one of these little beauties away. We can’t be fagged buying your facebook likes or putting you through the twitter hash-tag-malarky, so just tell us why you should have it, cross your fingers and it could be yours. Over to you.

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  • Chris Sylvester

    My Grandmother is having her gallbladder removed. This would help with her recovery….
    She would recover much quicker knowing that her grandson was happily playing on his new iCade on the other side of the planet. I would also send her a photo of it to help the process.

  • I have a pregnant wife – it will help me get through my “favorite pub burning down” initially. It will also mean I can be looking after the baby whilst using the ipad.
    I tried to get it put on the list of the baby shower but the missus said no.

  • Anonymous

    Alright, I love my gaming. Had the usual introduction to home arcade gaming: Commodore 64, Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony etc

    So while growing up I had these two cousins a few years older than me, David and Jennifer. I got a NES in 1988 … they had a freakin’ arcade and pinball machine in their house!

    No matter how many gaming consoles we had over the years, they had a freakin’ arcade and pinball machine! Of course they’d remind us about this at family gatherings too, who wouldn’t want to have the upper hand over their cousins when it comes to bragging rights.

    Anyway, if I ended up with this iCade I’d finally feel like I have the upper hand. Even though I haven’t seen them both in nearly 18 years, and I think they live overseas now … I’d feel like I’ve won. (Won what? Who knows?!) … I have an arcade machine (kinda) and they don’t (as far as I know). So this is an entry based purely on revenge and a grudge I’ve held for nearly 20 years … pretty sad huh?


    PS: I think it would also make Chris’ grandmother happy knowing it when to me too.

  • ShaunN

    I like turtles

  • We are a team of digital nerds on the side of the Globe that somehow ended up on your (awesome) website. Furthermore we spend way to much time sitting behind our screens and this would be a nice way to gather and challenge each other here at the office in a physical way – still with a digital touch ofcourse!

    Looking forward to see this sweet baby here in the Danish office.


    //Nodes, Copenhagen

  • Korben Dallas

    I came across this link whilst inspecting your site out of interest… (since we’re doing business together), and I love what you’ve done with the place! Great use of text-shadow and such.

    I really want an iPad, and having a shiny new iCade would be the ultimate excuse for justifying one to the missus! Plus you guys are proud to be “geek”…. I can totally relate 🙂

  • Dawn Morse

    Cos I’m a girl and I still reaaaalllly love arcade games and would LOOOOvE to have one I would also be the envy of all the boys in the neighbourhood – AND My ICade would bring all the boys to the yard – Damn right it’s better than your’s!!