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World Wide What?

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mobile app vs web consumption

The folks over at Flurry know how to fish and the tech blogs (including us) happily snapped at the bait; a plump piece of wriggling research that tells a story of mobile apps leaving the web in its world wide wake.

Measured in minutes per day of consumption, the figures are certainly impressive, at least to the founder of an apps development company. Mobile apps are getting more share of attention than the web but read on and you’ll find that 47% of this time is spent playing games, not exactly apples with apples because unless you’re engaged in a ding-dong battle of Words With Friends, you’re rarely using the Internet to power your app driven gaming experience.

Having said all of that, one can’t help think that the tipping point for mobile apps as the preferred method of internet consumption (not simply media consumption) isn’t that far away, even without Angry Birds et al skewing the results. Playing mobile games is patterning a certain type of behaviour after all and in this case the behaviour is an ever increasing reliance on apps for all our media needs, online or otherwise.

So the web isn’t dead just yet, but don’t forget what WWW stands for, as it’s likely to pop-up in quiz nights of the future and you could be the nerd at the table who knows the answer to the “World Wide What?” question.

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