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The Australian mobile Internet

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Australian internet subscribers graph

The Australian mobile Internet is just as big as its slightly dorkier older brother the desktop Internet. Have a look at just how many people have access to the net on their handsets when compared to how many have access through a fixed line DSL or mobile wireless service.

I understand that some of these “mobile handset” subscribers will rarely use the Internet on their phone but this group of users is only likely to dwindle as smart phones become the default and organisations improve the quality of their mobile specific content.

NOTE: In case you were confused, “Mobile Handset” means users subscribing to the Internet directly via their mobile handset (e.g. iPhone, Blackberry, etc) through a dedicated data plan or standard phone/data bundled plan, whereas “Mobile Wireless” means users subscribing to the Internet through a datacard, dongle or USB Modem.

Thanks to the trusty old ABS for the data.

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