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Adapptor is a full service mobile marketing agency. Not simply an ‘apps developer’ we help leading brands (and their ad agencies) develop communications strategies for the mobile Internet.

Don’t get us wrong though, we create stuff too including mobile ads, apps and media plans. If it’s a branded communication and it’s delivered to a handset or tablet then we’re all over it.

Despite being a new company, Adapptor has plenty of experience under its belt. Our founder’s roots are in the desktop Internet, having started one of Australia’s leading online marketing agencies. An agency that employed over 50 staff including planners, account service, designers and developers spurred on by an impressive client roster that included Virgin, IKEA and iiNet.

We have similar aspirations for Adapptor and we’re fairly confident that demand for branded mobile Internet experiences will get us there. But we’re not getting ahead of ourselves. For now we simply want to employ the best planners and developers we can get our hands on.

We understand that start-up isn’t for everyone but if you’ve got skills, a passion for the mobile Internet and you’re interested in getting in at the beginning then please get in touch.

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