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Sunday Mornings

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I was born in 1974 a year when inflation was spiralling out of control, the IRA were bringing old school terror to the UK and the average Sunday morning still involved dads burying their heads in “the papers” and entering a strange hypnotic state that barred them from playing football in the garden, cleaning the gutters or doing anything that involved getting up. If you were a brand, it was the perfect time and place to advertise.

Thirty-six years have passed and very little has changed although some might argue that the IRA have been well and truly outclassed by Al-Qaeda. Sunday is still bloody Sunday as far as the kids are concerned but now mum and dad won’t come out to play because they are hypnotised by their iPads, absorbed by a blend of social connectivity, news and games, anything to avoid thinking about the Monday ahead.

If you’re a brand marketer now, it’s still the perfect time and place to advertise but

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