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iPads are like newborn babies

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I wasn’t particularly taken aback to read over 250,000 iPads had been sold in Australia. It just doesn’t sound like a very big number. But when you dig a little deeper it really is quite an impressive statistic. The iPad went on sale back at the end of May this year, which means about 50,000 units are being shifted a month and we haven’t had the Christmas rush yet.

At the last count (that I could find) there were approx 8.1 million “households” in this country which means about 1 in 32 homes now have an iPad. And just like a newborn baby, you can’t avoid everyone in the family wanting to take it off your hands and pass it round a room.

All this considered, it’s now sounding like a substantial audience that brands should be spending time thinking about. Throw in the fact that, to date, most iPads have ended up in the hands of early adopters (think influencers), business executives (think decision makers) and high income earners (think money to burn), getting the brand into the hands of 250,000 families with the aforementioned characteristics should most definitely be sparking interest in your marketing department. If it’s not then go and give them a kick from me will you?

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