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Application, Location, Vocation.

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Application, is computer software designed to help the user

Location, in geography, is a position or point in physical space that something occupies on the Earth’s surface or area in the Solar System, or mankind’s physically reachable universe.

Vocation – from the Latin vocare (verb, to call), is a term for an occupation to which a person is specially drawn.

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After starting a reasonably successful online marketing agency back in 2002 that followed customers from inky press and TV onto the desktop web this isn’t the first time I’ve had “the calling”, a voice telling me that the rules of marketing were about to fundamentally change.

That little voice started pestering me again around 2008 when mobile and social media started their love affair. But if I have to blame anything it was the new variable of ‘location’, facilitated by mobile computing, that finally gave me a new vocation, a new calling.

Think about it, location changes everything for the audience, the workforce and the media. Useful applications (not ads) are fast becoming the new media, the ones that earn our time and our consumption. Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter are all examples of earned media through useful application (not one of them has advertised to grow). They are working examples to all of us on how media and marketing strategy have fundamentally changed for the better.

But how does this translate to your traditional brand communication strategy? Well if you are keen to earn audience (rather than pay for it) then you will need to spend less budget on advertising and more on applications and content. You will need to think more about the location of your customers (and employees), the usefulness of the applications you are distributing and how they might ultimately be shared, earn your brand audience and engagement.

It won’t be a marketing revolution, but if you’re determined in effecting change within your business and brave enough to think harder and deeper about the usefulness of your brand’s communications and their locational relevance, you will be rewarded with highly engaged and loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

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